Cassie Jermaine, Florida


Wow!!! This is awesome. Though it’s not an easy thing to forget the good times we’ve spent together but these tips by Isabella has really helped me a lot on getting over my ex. I have learned how to pick up the pieces and move on with my life cos that’s the only way to get healed.

—– Farisha Sha’ad



My boyfriend just broke up with me some weeks back and I have not been feeling cool about it.  I came across this book – the tips are doable, simple, practical and even witty… surprisingly defying the logic of the struggle of overcoming a broken heart.  I am almost there – I must, I can and I will!

—— Lea Tan



This book by Isabella Smith deals with thought-provoking ideas concerning self-care. The book is totally a reasonable cult that works not to sympathize with people in times of denial but brings a drastic change in one’s life for the purpose of betterment. The book is interesting and unique as the Author’s thoughtful, youthful-sounding voice offers these simple, fun tips not as Commandments for moving on, but rather as suggestions that she hopes, will be helpful at any point in one’s life. The book provides a range of simple tips regarding moving on after a breakup, which illuminates her ideas to overcome the hardest emotions of grief and quality tips to proceed onward. These ideas do not only show that the book understands your emotional response to breaking up but is also supportive to proceed onward after anyone might lose herself to emotion.

—— Ellen S. J.